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Serbian-Japanese Centre for Scientific Simulations

Phone number: +381 11 3282 582

Website: www.center.bg.ac.rs

E-mail: center@ff.bg.ac.rs

Address: 26 Obilićev venac, Belgrade

Director Dr. Dragan Popović

Within the Serbian-Japanese Centre for Scientific Simulations simulation science has been developed using two supercomputers SX-6i which were donated by Nippon Electric Corporation (NEC), Japan, and a great help of Professor Dr. Tetsui Sato, general manager of the “Earth Simulator Center“, Јаpan.

Only the University of Belgrade has supercomputer systems of such performances (CPU Peak Vector Performance 8 GFLOPS, MMU 2×8 GB) in the whole South-Eastern Europe.

Serbian-Japanese conference on computer simulation science started in 2000 and so far four conferences have been organised, consecutively here and in Japan.